Daddy's Gone a Huntin'…

What a treat I had yesterday….twin newborn boys!!! And they were a DREAM! Newborn sessions can be quite long, with lots of feeding, changing, settling and getting baby to sleep, so with two of them coming, I expected to be in for a marathon session. These little guys surprised me and were so great to work with, sleeping soundly, curling up with each other, and I didn’t get peed on once (Dad got that honour:). And with Dad being quite the hunter, we of course had to include a hunting theme into some of the portraits. I also have to thank my wonderful assistant and heater holder, Madison, who joined me for the day for ‘take a student to work day’. It was a long day for her but she was a huge help and I enjoyed having the extra hands.

I love the naked curled ¬†ones….exactly how they would have been curled up inside Mom, just weeks ago.








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