Reality Check…

So I feel it’s time to come clean, to tell the truth about what getting a family photo is really about:) When you see an image of a young family, sitting close, smiling sweetly…it gives a sense of calm, peace and order. I don’t think I have ever had a session that was all those things….it’s chaotic, it’s loud, it most times includes me bribing them, it’s chasing little ones and making loud noises to get their attention, and hopefully, a smile. I know many parents worry that they aren’t going to end up with that peaceful image, but that’s my job, and I enjoy the challenge. So parents, don’t worry, your kids are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing..being kids, and you wouldn’t want images of anything else, but their true selves. And in one of those many frames I shoot, there will be that fraction of a second, that it all comes together to capture their beautiful personality.

I have been so fortunate to watch this family grow over many years, from 3 to a fun loving 6! Thanks for another great (cold and quick) session. It was wonderful to hang out with you.








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