My family is everything. I have a pretty awesome job even though I get pooped on at work (newborns, in case that wasn’t clear). I love (I mean LOVE) the movie Princess Bride. There isn’t a moment in life that can’t be complimented with a quote from that movie. I get nervous before every photoshoot even though I’ve been doing this for 15 years. I enjoy travel but my favourite place in the whole world is home. My kids make me so proud, and I have 3 of them. We live in a funeral home (sounds weird, I know, but it’s home). I prefer old things with peeling paint to brand new things. I am terrible at remembering names and even worse at telling jokes (but if you have a session with me, you’ll hear my terrible jokes. Don’t worry though, I can only remember 4). I have a knack for getting kids to smile for pictures. The trick is to not ask them to smile. I will lay in mud if it means getting the best angle for a photo. My husband is a Funeral Director. I live in Lakefield. I don’t like making ‘about me’ pages.