Monthly Archives: October 2013


We did it!!

This session has been a long time coming. Mother nature thwarted us several times, so we rescheduled, but we were determined that despite the grey morning, the freezing temps, and un-forecasted rain….we were going for […]

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Cold Day, Warm Hearts…

Freezing cold and at the end of a school day, and these kids were AWESOME!! Such a joy to work with, and despite the cold temps, it looks like a lovely sunshiny day, with lovely […]

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There was an epic battle on the field, between good and evil… The force was strong in these ones… With weapons raised, and superhero capes flying, they charged the field (ignoring the fact they couldn’t […]

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This gorgeous couple brought me their brand new daughter, and what a sweet girl she is. She slept and posed like a champ. It was truly beautiful to witness how much love was in the […]

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She just couldn't wait…

This little lady was so excited to meet her family that she decided to come a little early. The day after our maternity session with Mom, in fact….that was close! Thanks for the lovely visit […]

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Puppy Love…

A new boy has joined the family, and it looks like he fits right in. He’ll have no shortage of love and snuggles from this gang! Nice to meet you Beau, and hang out with […]

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Coming soon…

I can’t wait to meet the newest addition to this wonderful family. Not long now:)

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Through the Years…

I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of another adorable (and very blessed) little one that has joined this family. Seems crazy that it was back in 2009 they brought in their first baby, […]

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365 days later…

I met this wonderful little guy and his Mom exactly one year ago, and look how much he has grown. He sure looks a lot different sitting in the same chair, a year later. Mr. […]

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Jack's Journey…

I had the absolute pleasure of spending the morning with this beautiful family. Many of you may have heard about 3 year old little Jack, and the ‘journey’ he and his family are on, as […]

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