Silver Linings

It’s been weeks since I was able to welcome clients into the studio, and although I miss it, it has been a real blessing to have so much family time and time to do some of those projects I have literally had on the ‘to do’ list for years!! Like digitizing all of our VHS home movies from 25 years ago!! What a joy to be able to sit, guilt free and just watch all of these wonderful memories as I archive them. There are many ‘silver linings’ with what is happening right now.  

My photography work is very ‘hands on’ and until it’s both deemed safe and I feel it is safe to work with families (especially little ones), I will keep plugging through the ‘to do’ list, enjoy a home cooked family dinner every night, play board games (my boys are teens but after a few groans, every time I pull the games out after dinner, we all have a GREAT time) and enjoy the good parts.

I did have an itch to create a couple images the other day, and the boys were  thankfully ‘somewhat’ willing participants:) They even gave me permission to share them!

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